Another project with these boys. #altj #thisisallyours out now.

Birthday gifts from @danieltopete and @schafmayerandco go well together. #deathiscertain #lifeisnot

Came to this city when I was 17. Today I turn 25 and wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else.

Cover of @Stalley debut album titled #OHIO I’m beyond honored to work with an amazing artist. Happy to help bring it together! Shout out to @jonathanmannion on the photo. Brought the vision to life as only he could! A dream project all around. #mmg #bcg #stalley (at Atlantic Records)

This Friday.

In the grand scheme of things, we weren’t supposed to have shit.

Born to lose. Built to win



We put together a live EP for Noisetrade, download “Live From Dingwalls” for free here:

My photo used for another orwells cover!

Another one. 

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My friend Matt and I had our auras read by an old Asian women. She served us tea and told us to get more sleep.

This is All Yours

September 22nd