Cover of @Stalley debut album titled #OHIO I’m beyond honored to work with an amazing artist. Happy to help bring it together! Shout out to @jonathanmannion on the photo. Brought the vision to life as only he could! A dream project all around. #mmg #bcg #stalley (at Atlantic Records)

This Friday.

In the grand scheme of things, we weren’t supposed to have shit.

Born to lose. Built to win



We put together a live EP for Noisetrade, download “Live From Dingwalls” for free here:

My photo used for another orwells cover!

Another one. 

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My friend Matt and I had our auras read by an old Asian women. She served us tea and told us to get more sleep.

This is All Yours

September 22nd

Fools Gold

New Orwells cover. Art Direction + Design by me. Photo by the the great butiwasthere

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The new alt-j album is incredible.